Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

People living with MS are typically physiologically deconditioned when compared with the general population and with other chronic conditions. One explanation for this is that conventional wisdom has it that exercise is not good for people with MS, in that it may compound some of the classic symptoms like fatigue and ‘over-heating’.

However, contemporary research suggests that, not only is exercise appropriate for MS patients, but interval training of the kind that generates neuroplastic adaptation, can be tolerated. The right kind of exercise may also have a neuroprotective effect – perhaps even encouraging remyelination – in MS.

Punch & Move

Punch & Move is an interval training programme for people living with multiple sclerosis. Sustained high-intensity exercise may well lead exacerbate the symptoms of MS, so we don’t do it. But we do know that many MS patients can handle short bursts of exercise (intervals) combined with adequate rest. Of course, fatigue and temperature regulation need to be factored into the equation but, providing these considerations are taken into account (and you listen to your body), there’s no reason why you can’t exercise.

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