Stroke Rehabilitation

A stroke occurs when a blood vessel (artery) that supplies blood to the brain either bursts and bleeds (haemorrhagic) or, more likely, is blocked by a blood clot (ischaemic). The third kind of event is a Transient Ischaemic Attack (TIA), which is often referred to as a ‘mini-stroke’. The effects of a stroke may be mild or severe depending on how much of the brain is involved and how quickly blood supply is restored to the area.

Pioneered by the Action for Rehabilitation from Neurological Injury (ARNI) Institute in the UK, the BounceBACK Stroke Programme revolves around functional movement integrated with task-related exercise. The BounceBACK approach has been designed specifically for the needs of the stroke survivor with partial paralysis who is unable to recover further using more traditional approaches.

Your consultation is FREE and individual coaching thereafter is $60 per hour. We also provide small group training for stroke survivors.

Contact Tim for details: or 021 0228 2551