Exercise as Medicine® NZ is a charitable trust specialising in exercise for people with long-term conditions like Parkinson’s, MS and stroke, Prostate Cancer, Cardiac, Diabetes, Osteoporosis, and Arthritis.

We hold specialist group exercise classes for Cardiac (BounceBACK), Prostate Cancer (Prost-FIT), Parkinson’s (Amplitude), Older Adults (Use it or Lose it), RGM (Ronnie Gardiner Method) and Men over 65 (Men’s circuits).

As the logo suggests, we use elements of sports, dance, Tai Chi, yoga, balance work, strength and resistance, brain training, cardio and a bunch of other things to mix it up and make it fun and engaging.

Our class venues in Christchurch are:

  • YMCA Bishopdale – Amplitude and Prost-FIT on Wednesdays,
  • Hale Compound HQ – BounceBACK on Tuesdays,
  • BodyFix Gym – ‘Use it or Lose it’ on Tuesdays at 1pm,
  • Concrete Health – Stroke ‘Survive and Thrive’ on Mondays and Thursdays
  • Redcliff’s Bowling Club – ‘Men’s Circuits’ – Mondays at 11, Move-Ezy Mondays at 1.15pm, ‘Use it or Lose it’ Wednesdays at 9am and ‘Use it or Lose it’ Mixed Circuits Friday at 11am.
  • Age Concern, Papanui – RGM on Tuesdays at 3pm (next 8 week course starts Sep 28th 2021)