Lots of people have a cardiac event and think all they need is to get some rest followed by a little gentle exercise and they’ll be as good as gold. Rest for a few weeks yes, some gentle exercise to start with fine, but all that’s going to do is maintain the status quo.

Those of you with a delicate disposition look away now: If you want to reduce the risk of the same thing happening again (or worse), you’re going to need to strengthen your heart and that means putting it into overload, also known as working HARD but SAFELY.

The trick is figuring out what constitutes hard. If you work with exercise professionals who are qualified in Cardiac Rehabilitation in the Community, they will use your heart rate as a guide, and they’ll be checking it regularly (using a heart rate sensor) to make sure you’re working within a safe range.

Pretty soon you’ll be able to measure your own exercise intensity. Give it a little time exercising properly, and you really will be as good as gold.