About Us

Tim Webster has a Physical Education Diploma from Loughborough University (UK). He is a REPs registered trainer and is qualified with PD Warrior and Counterpunch for Parkinson’s and he is the author of the Parkinson’s Pro for Exercise Professionals course. He is certified in Cardiac Rehabilitation Phase IV, Functional Rehabilitation and Exercise After Stroke (The ARNI Institute), Brain Fit for Life (Mental Acuity), Cognitive Rehabilitation after Mild Brain Injury, Multiple Sclerosis Pro and Adapted Tai Chi for Rehab. He is also a featured writer in exercise industry publications.



Kris Tynan has a Physical Education Diploma from the University of Otago (NZ). She is a REPs registered trainer and is qualified as a Functional Ageing Specialist with the Functional Ageing Institute (FAI) in the US. She has completed the following qualifications in Cancer and Exercise Management; Can U Fitter (UK), Cancer Exercise Specialist Advanced Qualification Course with Cancer Exercise Training Institute (CETI) US, and Exercise for the Management of Cancer (Edith Cowan, Australia). She has also completed specific training as follows: Arthritis Essentials (The Joint Movement – Arthritis Australia) and Management of MSK Conditions (Arthritis & Osteoporosis Tasmania). She holds the GP Referral Qualification from the Wright Foundation (UK). She is the author of the LOAFFA resource (Leading Older Adults in Functional Fitness Activity) and the Joints and Bones for Exercise Professionals course.