Do you lose your glasses, forget the name of someone you really should know, and/or forget what you were looking for when you enter a room? Is this the beginning of Alzheimer’s? Probably not. It’s more likely your memory powers have dulled simply because your brain is no longer in tip-top shape. But it is a wake-up call.


Brain volume does begin to shrink as we hit middle age and, until relatively recently, it was believed this signalled an irreversible slide into senility. But, thanks to recent research technologies such MRI imaging, we now know we can actually re-grow brain connections at any age and improve our memory. 


A 4-week series of 90-minute classes, Brainfit® for Life is designed to put strategies in place to compensate for the memory changes that can appear around the age of 50. Each class builds on the previous session and takes you through, step-by-step, all you need to know about the brain and the way it works to support a sharp memory. Memory strategies are taught and practised in class through a variety of activities accompanied by a lot of laughter!


Contact Tim for more information or to book a class: tim@eamnz.com or 021 0228 2551