A range of exercises especially for older adults

Many of us plan to enjoy our older years but if you are not physically and cognitively fit those plans can go awry.
Kris specialises in exercise for older adults and she delivers a number of classes:

  • Use It or Lose ItTM,
  • MoveEZY,
  • Men’s Circuits and
  • Mixed Circuits

Use it or lose itTM group classes are fun, functionally meaningful and interactive. They are designed for adults from the age of 65 upwards and focus on the key factors that allow this age group to maintain their independence, strength and mobility. Balance work is a key component of the classes, as is cognitive training (encouraging neuroplasticity).

As the name would suggest, the Men’s Circuit class is designed for men over the age of 65.

Current Classes

Men’s Circuits

Monday 11am at Redcliffs Bowling Club. $10 per class 


Monday 1pm at Redcliffs Bowling Club. $10 per class.

Use it or lose itTM

Tuesday 1pm at BodyFix Gym 29 Leeds Street. $8 per class.
Wednesday 9am at Redcliffs Bowling Club. $10 per class.
Friday 11am at Redcliffs Bowling Club. Mixed Class. $10 per class.

Contact Kris to find out which class would be best for you: kris@eamnz.com or 021 262 8886

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