A range of exercise classes especially for older adults

FAQs for Older Adults
Why should older adults exercise regularly?
Most older adults plan to kick back a little, retiring from or reducing their work committments. The assumption is that all will be well physically and cognitively for them to enjoy these golden years but this cannot be guaranteed and it is more important that ever to make regular exercise a key component of ageing well.

Why isn’t walking enough?
Walking is great for many reasons; you get to be out in the fresh air and in nature, it costs nothing, doesn’t require any special equipment other than a good pair of trainers and you can do it with others making it wonderful social event as well. Don’t stop walking!  BUT it doesn’t provide you with the specific balance and resistance work that older adults need. 

Why does balance get worse with age?
For some people there will be neurological conditions like Parkinson’s and stroke that contribute to deteriorating balance. (See our neurogym page for specific sessions for balance.) There may also be things going on in the vestibular system (found in the inner ear and a key component of balance) and you may need to see a specialist vestibular phsyio to help with this. (We recommend Rebekah Miller and her team at Balance Works Physio)

For the majority of older adults however balance and confidence can be improved significantly with specific and targeted resistance exercise and balance drills. 

Why am I getting weaker as I age ? Am I losing muscle?
If you have noticed you are struggling to get up out of low seats, it seems harder to carry loads and you have trouble getting up off the floor you are not not alone! The average adult can lose as much as 1% of their muscle per year. This means that by the time they are in their 70s they could be 50% weaker then they were in their 30s. This reduction of muscle is called sarcopenia and has all sorts of implications for how well older adults can carry out everyday tasks. Lack of muscle strength is also a key factor in increasing the risk of falls and lord knows you want to avoid that happening at any cost.

So what should an older adult who wants to age well be doing on a weekly basis?

1. Strength or resistance training twice per week.

2. Balance improvement exercises everyday.

3. Cardio (or huff and puff) accumulating 150 minutes over a week which is about 30 mins 5 days out of 7.

Classes that currently run in Christchurch

Men’s Circuits

Monday 11am at Club Redcliffs, $10 per class 


Monday 1pm at Club Redcliffs. $10 per class.

Use it or lose itTM

Tuesday 1pm at BodyFix Gym 29 Leeds Street. $10 per class.
Wednesday 9am at Club Redcliffs. $10 per class.
Friday 11am at Club Redcliffs. Mixed Class. $10 per class.

Contact Kris to find out which class would be best for you: kris@eamnz.com or 021 262 8886


Janet S

“I’ve been attending Kris’s class for four years. My balance and core strength have improved remarkably and also my flexibility, all helping me to maintain an active life style into my 80s”

Janet S (Use it or Lose it)


Barbara C

“My fitness, suppleness and balance is improved or at least been maintained as a direct result of coming to these classes.

We play games (always with a purpose in mind) and do exercises, we lift weights and stretch bands. Most importantly we laugh a lot!”

Barbara C (Use it or Lose it)

Paul M

“My strength has increased plus balance and confidence have improved. We are fortunate to have a trainer who is highly qualified, experienced and professional with a great sense of humour”.

Paul M (Men’s Circuits)