What can I expect to get out of Tai Chi?

Tai Chi is often described as a form of ‘moving meditation’ so there is a very grounding and calming element when practising it.
It is also excellent for balance, strength, co-ordination, and memory.

Do I need to have done it before?
Definitely not. These classes are specifically designed for people with no previous experience of Tai Chi.


Do I need special clothing?
Not really. Any clothing you can move comfortably in is fine. Soft shoes are desirable rather than rigid trainers or open toed footwear.


Do I need to sign up for a term?
Not at all. You can come on a casual basis with no commitment required for any specific length of time.

How long are the classes? 

Approx 50 minutes. The warm up is a gentle mobilisation of joints and muscles followed by a short break. In the second part of the class we practice a simple squence that changes every season (four per year). The last 5-8 minutes is spent enjoying seated breathing and relaxation.


Venue: Mt Pleasant Community Centre, Mt Pleasant
Day/Time: Monday (in term times), 2.30-3.25
Cost: $10 per class
Check MPCC website for exact term times.


Venue: Good Friends Living Well Centre, 47 Whitleigh Ave, Addington
Day/Time: Thursdays 10am-11am
Cost: $10 per class (casual) $5 for Good Friends members
Classes must be booked with Good Friends and can be done so online or by phone.

Please call Kris on 021 262 8886 or email her on kris@eamnz.com if you have further queries.


“My partner and I love our weekly Tai Chi sessions. We’ve noticed improvement in balance, control and co-ordination, all important in our quest towards healthy aging! Breathwork and mindfulness round off the end of each session, leaving us feeling relaxed, refreshed, positive and in control. Kris’ TaiChi sessions are the highlight of our week, and we can’t recommend them highly enough!!”


I’ve been doing Kris’s Tai Chi class for a year now and am so pleased with the improvements in flexibility and balance that I have gained. It’s helping me with a lot of every day tasks. The classes are also fun with much shared cameraderie among the group. Many thanks!